Also, have cilka LB filled up before crossing 10% threshold, but do not imperil emperor first because he'll dispel himself on the first turn below 10% HP. Actualiser. Chocobo Fina x2 because she is my best DPS right now. It took 23 or 24 turns, but I was dispelling imperil because I didn't think of using Nethicite. My inventory. Mine had 30% and friend had 0% Fire Resist. Rarity. If you fail to kill him in 2 turns, he'll start healing every single turn while doing nothing except aoe fire mag to your party, trying to outpace his healing will be horrible and likely fails you the clear in 25 turns mission. Latest changes . I originally loaded up on fire resistance with no killers and was perfectly fine, but it was very slow, and I couldn't outpace his heal in the final phase (below 10%). STMR rankings to see the most valuable STMRs by daima Site GL Damage Sheet. Auto-revive (30% HP) for 99999 turns to caster. Was able to push from 50%->30%->10% in one T Cast cycle, thus easing up the DPS need dramatically and shortening the dangerous period. Sol NV ajouté au classement. Compared 2 Bartz or Lightning who were on double banners with expensive step ups, she was a sweet deal. I killed him twice because wanted to use my shiny new WoL too. Get a link to this Esper build . A brand-new FINAL FANTASY tactical RPG, WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, available now for smartphones! Wow emperor gains a lot of magic and quad cast ffb for 3 turns. Make sure to dispel his self reraise on the kill turn! Feels like cheating but CFina tankiness makes this a breeze. When using Locke, I tried to defend on meteor turns. Probably the same emperor that betrayed the sworn six during the war 700 years ago. Create New Unit . 80% Fire Resist, Charlotte: Lb and Mag Mitigation. CFina: Both non-elemental, with 250% Human Killer and around 2500 Spr. He appears in the event story, A World United. An even easier strat: Use regina to cross threshold every turn then nethicite him so he won't dispel you. Send me a message on reddit Chat on FFBE Equip discord server See code on GitHub. Rain for provoke, magic cover, and fire resist buff. I had the same issue. SP. Second run was smoother, but still took 22 turns (24 turns the first run). Calamity Border as backup buff if Lenna was needed for other actions. Clear: Unlock new abilities for base 3★ FFII units, Within 25 Turns: Unlock new abilities for base 5★ FFII Units, PaulMariaDark Knight LeonWild Rose Swordsman Firion. Wiki Index F.A.Q. ffbe jp. 0. par sanos3 Rédacteur FFBE ID : 648500513 Membre le 26.11.2020 à 01:31. Ailment Immunity. HP. I shall rule over everything. Units. I don't know if it' worth it to go through that again for bad units... Ignacio: Fire Resist, Imbuer, Buffer, kills with Lb. Leon also used his CD break to prep DPS turns while Fina's used LB. SP. You can watch the stream in its entirety below. Magic* damage (11x * 2 = 22x, MAG) to all enemies (ignore reflect), Increase MAG by 15% for 3 turns to caster, Inflict Stop (100%) for 3 turns on one enemy, Magic fire damage (14x, MAG) to one enemy, Magic* fire damage (26x, MAG) to all enemies. Elemental resist. SPR. Units. Finally, the boss can be destroyed by 5 DPS + nethecite bot, because he doesn’t do any damage on threshold turns. Level S . Unit builder. GL JP. 17T Clear featuring Leon, No Magic tank. The same applies to Cilka before her, but ChocoFina has higher SPR, higher damage, and also has raises, reraises, and heals (though doesn't have the stat and status immunity buffs that Cilka does). The Emperor wears golden armor with purple and rose-colored robes that have four portions: two connected on each side, and a raised collar and extended striped "shoulders". So I switched to Diabolos + Mankiller Kai material (should be 200% total) and maintained 60% fire resistance and had no problems surviving with CG Fina's buff. Kinda underestimated the Emperor. 80% fire resist, Chocobo Fina 12k HP, 2300 spr, 250% man eater (diabolos, man eater, man eater+), light weapon, 80% fire res. Team:Awakened RainSanta RoseliaSummer Fina & Lid 2018Chocobo FinaCG NicholChocobo Fina. Close. Maximize or Custom Goal Custom Goal: Skill stack. He is available as a Guest Unit in the Story Event, Conspiracy to the Throne. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. I guess that mixture of good obtention method and good bulk in the post-cover era is a winning ticket. Kills in 5 turns to as little as 3 turns can be found on Twitter. In-Depth Emperor Shera Review by Memel0rd (, April 2018) Notes [edit | edit source] Gameplay. Used holy torch to dispel boss' reraise at the very end (quick cast time and can be used by anyone who's not busy as a backup), Summer Folka & Citra 11k HP, 1700 spr, 100% fire resist, max LB. I gave her dualcast + Barfiraga as well just in case she needed to dispel on the same turn as apply the resists. Everyone requires at least 100% (170% postbuff) Fire resist and large amounts of Spirit, Leon had 700, everyone else had 1000+. 1 2 3. The FFBE tier list that you will see shortly is made up of the levels of each role within the game. Shera has a variation: Emperor Shera. My units. Fid: Breaks, Heals, Mp Refresh, with Carbuncle just in case. Capable of terrible magic, he summons demonic forces from hell into the mortal realm to destroy the world. Emperor has a very strong self heal which he loves to spam along with self mitigation - so you need very high damage output for this fight to finish within the turn limit. You can potentially finish setting up chocofina LB by turn 2 by using her CD buff + LB then use Lenna's aoe entrust stuff. News 5* type step up summon friday 6/29 1:00 7/6 0:59 pdt final fantasy brave exvius forum event valkyrie profile collaboration trial brahms castle ot a new hope for era resetera megathread kefka series boss battle : ffbraveexvius gl battles: chaotic darkness (ffbe) yuna ffbe x2 ffbe yuna x2 review. Ca t'évitera de perdre 2h la dessus quand tu voudras rattraper le retard cumulé. Charlotte for cover/mitigation and LB support. +100% All Stats to Final Fantasy II Units. I am the only emperor this world needs! Want to contribute? FFBE GL Damage Comparisons for NV Units - With Vision Cards and Dark Visions Focus by /u/Fatalderp Sheet STMR Ranking. The emperor is going to be some generic bad guy. Not much to note for chocofina here except make sure to get into 9% HP hardlock by turn 23 WHILE having 2 more turns of t-cast. Use Strategy - Square Formation , or Strategy - Advanced Square Formation , if used after Final Imperial Edict Archived. ('MAX' for max chain multiplier) (calculate it on FFBE-Chain) Force element. Chocofina won't have her mod buff & t-cast dispeled so not much of a problem here except slightly reduced damage due to lack of 200% spr buff. Create New Unit . Capable of terrible magic, he summons demonic forces from hell into the mortal realm to destroy the world. Data Dump Builder tool Pulling Odds TMR Macros FFBE Chain Progress List Unit Collection List Update Schedule [JP/GL] Useful Links [JP] Data Dump [JP] Important Terms FAQ: 7*s, STMRs, UoC Awakening Tracker Raven Quest Guide Spark Chains Trick [JP] Rerolling Guide. Didn't expect his ST non-elemental damage ignores provoke. Encyclopedia. Don't forget to start dispelling with spell/item right when emperor's HP reaches 1% (also LB mission clear too with sieg/Lid LB, whichever is ready). For Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "7 star emperor". Répondre. About 80% fire resist and at least 200% human killer. 80% HP / 50% HP / 30% HP / 10% HP - There is a hard lock at 10%. Unit 6. Cfina can clear it but timing is pretty tight, if you don't get into 9% HP by turn 23 and can't deal 9% HP in 2 turns under mitigation, you won't clear the last mission. J'ai revu les mitigations physiques et magiques. I used Bart to break since his 74% ATK/MAG debuff is always there if the boss dispels himself but anyone should work fine. Contribute to aEnigmatic/ffbe-jp development by creating an account on GitHub. 23. I could survive just fine and tested his AI a bit but 45 turns to 50% just seemed impossible. Nouveau sujet Liste des sujets. Changes made won't be saved. 2nd youtube link not working. Chain Mult. Cilka provided the light imperil, with CG Fina LB or Charlotte filling in if needed. FFBE Equip is under heavy load, and exceeded its quota to access data, so you may encounter difficulties using it. I do t remember FF2 much but I still find it funny. Import Espers . Send me a message on reddit Chat on FFBE Equip discord server See code on GitHub. Story Event #38: Fundamental Forces (FFBE) JP Edition 11-Nov-2019 Trial Chamber of the Fallen trial: Explosion of Needles: Released 15-Nov-2019 Event Challenge Event: The Forgotten City - Exploration (FFVII: AC) Released 1-Nov-2019 A. JP - Series Boss Trial: Emperor (FFII) JP Megathread. 5 turns with CG Lightning, Folka, Maria, Ignacio and 2x Regina. After leaving the kingdoms of Deist and Kashuan in ruins, he subjugates the remaining territories around him to his merciless rule. You can click to link below to join a community group FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS | a brand new FINAL FANTASY game available for smartphones. If the power rangers can live 700 years, no reason the emperor couldn't. If you keep breaks, fire resist on everyone, and can survive the meteor turns, then everything goes smooth. 1 year ago. ATK. Afterwads you can chain cilka with 2 CFina for more damage, especially when you want to push threshold before emperor's healing turn. After leaving the kingdoms of Deist and Kashuan in ruins, he subjugates the remaining territories around him to his merciless rule. Thanks Seb for the KwehFina. His head is adorned with tiny colored jewels. His real name is Mateus, which was revealed in the Japan-only novelization of the game, He is known among fans for his distinct death cries of. Even more disconcerting, however, he has also begun the construction of the Dreadnought, a war machine of great power capable of ruthless destruction. Les seul (0%) qui traînent sont -sauf erreur j'espère- bien ceux des minimales et non des valeurs mises par défaut. That’s pretty mean for a boss, I like it. Damage will get worse at lower HP range due to increasing imperil and emperor's magic buff. He has four long golden purple-tipp… My Espers. Provoke -> mitigation via LB, CG Lid 12k HP, 700 spr, 100% fire resist (didn't have nethicite to cancel back in my first clear). GL JP. They both have barriers available if Folka is on dispel+heal turn. Made with by Bismark. You don't own any espers yet... Esper Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Resists Killers; Name. Luka was MVP for me - providing strong barrier / all stat buff / magic mitigation and 100% imperils for both of Chocobo Fina's elemental options. Fairly simple fight with this team - just a lot of things to keep an eye out for so I'll quickly run through the important things. Folka for ailment resist and barrier. Riesz (replaced by WoL) for light imperil and with Carbuncle for fire resist. Begin your adventure today! For Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "7* emperor or 6*dragonlord ? Emperor (5★) description The Emperor is a summonable vision and optional playable character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. In this way we can carry out this classification. Sephi super, merci . The ruler of the empire that a rebel army opposes in tales from a distant world. I started spamming Lenna's LB below 50% just in case there's too much st damage hitting someone here. Meteor (AoE) and Comets (ST) hit your SPR but ignore magic mitigation. Breaker + entrusting to cilka, sieghart and lenna. Create New Unit . Crossed all thresholds with Manufactured Nethicite. Use Green Magic: 50x Trust Coins. The Emperor stands atop the war-hungry empire of Palamecia, and is a man with no regard for human life. Didn't know you could dispel his self reraise, and i won at turn 35 because of that. Si tu veux je peux m'occuper des notes tmr. Rédacteur FFBE ID : 444606012 Membre le 08.04.2020 à 08:21. Want to join the fun? Buy me a coffee Become my patron on Patreon. The AoE Dispel can be cancelled by using Manufacted Nethicite when you cross each threshold. He also views the rebel army based in Altair as nothing more than a source of entertainment on his path to world domination. Having SPR-based damage is really good for survivability, not just because of the damage formula, but SPR equipment and materia tends to come with decent HP bonuses, and also some amount of DEF. My strategy was similar to Okabe. Posted by [JP] Reddit-Wiki Guy. Friend cfina similar setup, Above 80% emperor heals every 2 turns. Since I didn't bring neth, after the dispel I had lenna cast fire res + stop res, cilka LB fill buff + def/spr buff and sieghard LB. CSS Tags for unit icons can be found here: Link. I shall make my enemies tremble even from the depths of Hell. He began his plans by committing a number of atrocities in various regions with weapons such as the Dreadnought he commanded be built in the town of Bafsk, and a powerful magical Cyclone. Yuna Ffbe X2. Lid w-cast her on-demand atk/mag break on turn 1 then entrust LB to cilka turn 2 then to sieghard turn 3. Unit search. Self reraise? Hyoh is obviously Rain. In the first turn, use cilka LB to imperil and Lenna CD to buff spr. Seeing Chocofinas in a lot of comps lately. Datamining for FFBE JP. Had 70% Fire Resist and beefed him up to make sure he doesnt die. His hair is blond (although the exact shade varies from golden blond to platinum) and spiked, with an extra-long ponytail, and purple ombre at the tip of the side bangs. Let’s go through what they showcased. Create New Unit . Page suivante Fin. Leon used IG Kai Sword + TM, Fina's had Holy wand + Serapia Staves, and Man killer materia + diabolos geared for man killer. JP Version Only | Global Players: Please be respectful | Series Boss Trial: Emperor (FFII) Missions. The Emperor is the leader of the war-hungry empire of Palamecia, and a cruel man who believes in using any means necessary to satisfy his ambitions. Light Warrior LennaCG CharlotteSweet LukaBartChocobo FinaChocobo Fina, CG LightningCG FolkaMariaCG IgnacioReginaRegina, Youtube /u/Meyrime - 13T All Missions - Manufacted Nethecite used, Light Warrior LennaCG CharlotteElfimChocobo FinaCG Warrior of LightChocobo Fina. Strategy - Square Formation 18 - Level 50 - MP. I hope it will be solved soon. Find the best equipments for your units, kupo! Before I want to use Firion but it's so hard to find another Firion on FL and He is so squishy when deal with boss meteor, forced me to use Chocobo Fina (Hahaha she made so many trial being easy mode lol) once again after beated Iron Giant Kai two weeks ago, Kugel's clear: If you do bring nethicite, it will help a LOT in maintaining dmg output. The Emperor stands atop the war-hungry empire of Palamecia, and is a man with no regard for human life. Values in ( ) indicate extra stats gained from passives.These are not affected by breaks. Clear: Unlock new abilities for base 3★ FFII units. You need to be logged-in to manage your Espers. ". Megathread Index Daily Help Thread Trial Help [Wkly] Appreciation [Wkly] Rants [Wkly] … Note: If not using Chocobo Fina - 100%+ fire resistance is recommended. Fork the repo and submit a PR! On carbuncle with barfiraga as backup when lenna can't buff fire magic, Light Warrior Lenna the usual stuff, HP/MP heal, various resistances and fire buff. JP - Series Boss Trial: Emperor (FFII) JP Megathread . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Magic fire damage (13.5x, MAG) to one enemy, Magic fire damage (13x, MAG) to all enemies. (Mine is 2600, and I don't have a lot of STMR-level gear.). Her damage would be more noticeable when emperor is on mitigation. The ruler of the empire that a rebel army opposes in tales from a distant world. Unit 5. She's a very useful unit. FFBE Zinogre is a Special Species of Zinogre introduced in Monster Hunter Explore. I find her + Sweet Luka an insane combination - since she provides an external imbue + 100% dual element imperil + 200% stat buffs. Megathreads. The damage is here isn't too bad, you only need to cross 80% threshold asap. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a free-to-play role-playing game developed by Alim and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android devices. Unit 4. GL JP. Lenna I found very useful as she can W ability a fire resist + regen skill as well as STOP resist. Please wait for your Espers to load . With enough LB support, I could go do LB or T-Cast every turn, which means very few down turns. So more than other bosses before, you could probably just wait for powercreep to kill this one. regina actually made emperor even more of a joke. List of abilities unlocked can be found: here. Emperor is a very Dispel heavy fight - Self, ST, and AoE. This section will be limited to community guides, highlight to be added. Try to save Lid's buff dispel for the kill turn, but it won't be a problem to use it when you're getting too much damage if you bring holy torch for emergency usage. See some War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius pre-launch stream highlights! If this is not enough to kill, continue t-cast in the next turn + cilka evo damage if necessary. #FFBEWW This is for maximum comfort and Leon still died intermittently due to Comet+Meteor, but with WoL and Lenna healing it wasnt that much of an issue because he doesnt need setup. Create New Unit . They are strong, fast and with a considerably high attack and defense power compared to other heroes. Thanks for the guide, took some tries and get all the mission, Bart : Breaker, lb fill rate, LB mission, Nethicite, sometimes just guard He's the lowest Spr, WoL Lenna : Healer, Stop resist, Fire resist, Entrust to CG WoL and Charlotte, CG WoL : Barrier, Backup Healer, equip carbuncle for barfiraga, Charlotte : Cover, Buff def/spr, LB Mitigation, holy torch for dispel, Chocobo Fina : Light Weapon with Ayaka stmr, Equip Diabolos, 200% Man Killer, Use cooldown reraise when Lenna is busy entrusting WoL on last phase, All of my party equipped with 100-120% Fire resist, thanks to Rinoa and Elly's stmr help out to reach higher resist. Anyway, who used FFII units right now... CG Sieghart Phoenix, 100% fire resist, HP/def/spr build. Level. 80% Fire Resist, Aerith: Heals, Mitigation and Nethecite on Threshholds. Locke (replaced by bulkier CG Lid) for breaks. What I learned is that Mankiller on Choco Fina is essential. Ffbe jp cg charlotte banner it actually hened bannersem cg charlotte final fantasy brave exvius amino final fantasy brave exvius ot2 fina s adventure resetera final fantasy brave exvius celebrates third anniversary with special limited time events nova crystallis sbb emperor final fantasy brave exvius wiki. buff, imperil and add damage especially on mitigation turns. These are the characters that we can consider the best for any role. 110% Fire Resist. He is our Nethicite user since he is not needed on threshold turns. Both are elementally neutral. options. Use support skills like her SPR buff on boss mitigation turns, make sure to use her CD on turns without the mitigation. 18 juillet 2017 à 14:00:09. 1 en parlent. Lenna: Nethicite user, Fire Resist and Stop resist, Warrior: Healer, Mitigation, Light Imperil, Breaks, Luka: Light Imbue, MVP, Stat buffer + Mitigations, Leon, KwehFina's: Mankillered out and DPS. Beyond that it was just prepping the fina's again and having Leon help them DPS the last phase out. Guard also reduces the damage. Build a unit; Parameter challenges; Unit. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FFBraveExvius community. 1 for 8k lapis, and single banner. The rest is a DPS race. Do note how much damage she dealt with t-cast 62 mp during mitigation turn; if it's >5% you're safe cos that's the bare minimum requirement for <10% HP. DEF. Trivia. I see you have no intentions of making an enemy out of me. Come to our server! Chain Tools Chain Families How To; Unit 1 Units. Cilka only used 200% LB buff + def/spr buff then had Lid entrust her on turn 2 to let her use max LB so that CFina can start LB on turn 2. From our Discord server . That makes him such a sleazy villain. Units. gl_ashton MP. Unit 3. Only Lid was in real danger on even turns (the aoe attack turn) cos she had the highest attack and kept being targeted by st attack (not a prob with her guts though). She has a ton of SPR, with base stats and TDW bonus. Et petite mise à jour aussi de la manière que j'ai de compter. You need a strong general mitigation, and if possible a good SPR buff on everyone. Sujet : [FFBE JP] Les vidéos du nouveau contenu. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius FBBE Emperor Foo. The Emperor boasts of a powerful array of military forces which he seeks to use for world domination. Press J to jump to the feed. Create New Unit . However, he does kidnap the rebel army's leader Princess Hilda, in order to draw. Equipped with dispel to remove those magic buffs. Absolute control. In 0-10% HP, you have 2 turns to kill while emperor is under mitigation and not doing anything except refreshing his reraise. MP. I had killers but forgot imperil on the first run. Thread Selling Japan Rank 100+ [Jp] Rank 118 - 12K Lapis, 22M Gil - 20 Unitys 7* (Cloud And Rinoa Stmr) Lots Of Mats And Tmr. Anyone should work here provided you have some form of fire resistance buff. (Team was Charlotte, Lid, CG Fina, Cilka, Choco Fina + friend Choco Fina.). GLS ajoutée au classement. He reached 3T later with CG M Fina and Kefka as chainers. His LB is used for the mission.Santa Roselia for healing, fire resist buff, anti-charm buff, and dispel source.Summer Fina & Lid for breaking, silencing, water imbue, and water imperil.Nichol for general mitigation, buffs, anti-charm buff, and mana battery.Chocobo Finas for damage. A small page to view the differents families of chainers (!!! This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 11:36. Increase DEF and SPR by 30% for 3 turns to caster (can not be removed). Magic fire damage (10x * 1.33 = 13.33x, MAG) to all enemies (ignore reflect), Reduce DEF and SPR by 30% for 3 turns to one enemy. FFBE reenactment Trial of the Final Fantasy series Final Bosses. Units. 7* Emperor Overview by Memel0rd (, September 2018), Emperor Enhancements Review by Memel0rd (, October 2017), Decrease SPR (75%) for 5 turns to all enemies, Inflict stop (30%) for 3 turns to all enemies, Decrease SPR (40%) for 3 turns to all enemies, Fire magic damage (2.5x) with consecutive increase (9 times, 2.5x each, 25x max) to one enemy, HP damage (50%) to one ally, except caster, Increase MAG (200%) for 11 turns to caster, Magic damage (2.3x) with ignore SPR (50%) to all enemies, Grant chance to counter physical attacks taken by all allies, except caster (100%) with physical damage (1.5x) for 2 turns to caster (max 6/turn), Lightning magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies, Ice magic damage (2x) with consecutive increase (4 times, 1x each, 6x max) to all enemies, Increase magic damage against humans (200%), Decrease SPR (60%) for 5 turns to all enemies, Decrease SPR (65%) for 5 turns to all enemies, Decrease SPR (70%) for 5 turns to all enemies, Fire magic damage (2x) with consecutive increase (9 times, 2x each, 20x max) to one enemy, Increase magic damage against humans (100%), Increase magic damage against humans (125%), Increase magic damage against humans (150%), Increase magic damage against humans (175%), The ruler of the empire that a rebel army opposes in tales from a distant world. He serves as a character representative from Final Fantasy II, and has been available for summoning since the Final Fantasy II exploration event The Dreadnought (which originally ran in February 2017, in the Global version). FFBE-Chain. When using Lid, I used mostly her 70% breaks, and entrusted LB to Finas. Perhaps this will give a better idea on how the systems in the game will play out!