A proper diet is another vital factor that can prolong its lifespan. Asked by Wiki User. Some will even lick your hands or face. However, for dwarf species, the lifespan is a bit longer, about 10-12 years. Giving them a proper diet and taking care of their health can extend their life span from 5-6 years to 10 years which is very long. Diet and space to run and play is vitally important for these huge rabbits. Are you thinking of purchasing your first furry little rabbit? Following his 16th birthday on February 9, 2019, Mick, an agouti rabbit from Berwyn, Illinois, USA, has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest rabbit. Rabbits can be silly, timid, shy, curious, and high spirited regardless of sex or breed type. How long is a pet rabbit lifespan. Here's how to provide the best care for your pet rabbit. Rabbits Life Span - Tips on making your rabbit live long and healthy. Dutch rabbits mostly feed on hay. How To Increase Rabbit Lifespan? How to Increase Your Dwarf Rabbit’s Lifespan. A rabbit, just like any other animal, has specific nutritional requirements and we know that what we feed our pet rabbits has a direct effect on their lifespan. Rabbits are very popular pets, and their lifespans have lengthened over the years thanks in part to the quality of care they receive from their owners. Dutch rabbits originated in the 1830s and are descendants of the Petite Brabancon, which originally came from the region of Flanders. Some people will only feed their rabbits pellets from the pet store, but this may be lacking in vitamins and minerals that a rabbit needs. These little critters, like mice, are easy to care for and have an average lifespan of 2 to 3 … Nutrition goes hand in hand with the overall health of a rabbit and if it isn't getting the appropriate vitamins, minerals, fiber content, and other ingredients in its diet, it isn't going to be healthy and therefore it will not live as long. Choosing a Pet for Life. The ideal owner for a pet rabbit is an individual or family with the time and space to dedicate to an active pet that enjoys cuddling and playing and requires a bit of maintenance. Rabbits need a lot of space and mental stimulation, but unfortunately, many people think they are happy being kept in a cage their entire lives. Rabbits, while able to live indoors or outdoors, need large areas, such as a bedroom, to call their own, as well as toys, things to chew on, and items to play on. Lifespan: 5–10 years; Perhaps one of the most popular breeds in the world, Mini Lops are frequently sold or bred as pets and show rabbits. 1. By getting a rabbit spayed or neutered, you will drastically decrease the likelihood of your rabbit developing cancer and therefore increase its odds of living a long life. Over the years, rabbits have been used for food and fur, but since the 19th century, they have also been cared for as beloved pets. It is also important to provide a calm home for your rabbit. Pet rabbits have a life expectancy of 8-12 years. Rex rabbits are social animals so they love being around other rabbits and people. These differences can result in varying lifespans for each breed. For dwarf rabbits, the bigger their cage, the better. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Can Domesticated Rabbits Survive in the Wild? Before Hazel, the record was set by another pet rabbit who lived to be 14 years old. And, Lionhead rabbit lifespan is about 7 – 10 years, they are more energetic, loves to play, and are highly affectionate. The purpose at the back of this is pretty obvious; favorable environmental conditions, no predators, much less competition for meals, and unique attention whilst sick. 7-10 years. An unspayed female rabbit is at very high risk for cancer. Read our, The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Ordinarily, rabbits live for around 8-12 years with proper care. Rabbits are also unique creatures who form tight bonds with their families, but they also have some quirks you should know about. DCA Productions / Getty Images. Rabbit Personalities & Lifespan Rabbit personalities vary greatly from one rabbit to the next even among littermates. But if kept indoors under captivity, they might get an extended lifespan. Rabbits, on the other hand, are a little trickier, though they do have an average lifespan just like other animals. Your Pet Rabbits Lifespan Its lifespan will be determined by the care and attention you give it while it is under your care. While Dutch rabbits are lovely pets to have around, you need to accurately know how to take care of them to gain and sustain their trust and also increase their lifespan. Children and Rabbits: Rabbits live 10+ years. This stunning breed was developed from a litter of wild gray rabbits. Designed by world-renowned animal sculpture artist Sandra Brue; animals are available in several sizes and a variety of sizes and poses. The lifespan of Different Rabbit Breeds. Purebred rabbits generally have shorter lifespans than mixed breeds. The care given to this pet is important as it affects its lifespan. Our goals include the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of abandoned rabbits, as well as public education regarding proper rabbit care and the importance of spay/neuter in battling the escalating overpopulation problem. Mini Rex. The life expectancy of a wild rabbit is much shorter than our domestic pets. It deepens on the species. One can get this rabbit from any pet shop. A rabbit's lifespan is influenced by breed, living conditions and healthcare but the average lifespan is likely to be around 8 to 9 years. So adopting a bunny should be a family decision. The lionhead rabbit hairy mane encircles their head. Sandicast invites you to discover their world-renowned collection of finely sculpted dogs, cats, wolves and exotic animals. Rabbits demand almost the same commitment as a dog, as they tend to live nearly as long.